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Mikey's Blog 
12th March 2009 @ 8:50
  Hi! I've just syndicated Mikey's blog on LiveJournal so that you can read it on your friends page. Yay! Just go to the following link and click "add":


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Mikey's 1,000th NASCAR Start Celebration on NASCAR.com 
22nd October 2008 @ 21:08
  Mikey is on the front page of NASCAR.com, and there is quite a bit of the site dedicated to him today.

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Mikey's 1000th NASCAR Start - Take Two 
15th October 2008 @ 21:06
  Hi, everyone! Yesterday, I said that Mikey's 1,000th NASCAR start is coming up at Martinsville this weekend. Turns out, it's not until Atlanta next weekend. Duane Cross from NASCAR.com corrected me when I emailed him today to ask if he could mention this when writing about Mikey leading up to Martinsville.

This is what he wrote: Hey Kellyanne – I’ve been tracking this for a while … and our database is one race off. He did not drive in the Race No. 26 of the 1992 Busch Series (so he has 270 N’wide starts).

Instead, Race No. 1,000 will be at Atlanta – and we have a very nice package that will roll out on Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Duane Cross | Managing Editor, NASCAR.COM

So it's another week away, but how awesome is it that something special is in the works for Mikey over on NASCAR.com?

= D


Mikey's 1000th NASCAR Start 
15th October 2008 @ 1:40
  Is anyone going to Martinsville this weekend? If you are, and you happen to see Mikey, be sure to congratulate him on making his 1,000th NASCAR start this weekend.

That's right - 1,000th!!!

Martinsville will be his 721st Cup start. Add that to his 271 Nationwide starts and 8 Truck Series starts, and that's 1,000. It's a major milestone, and I hope it's recognised this weekend. So spread the word!

= D


Mikey Cups! 
9th October 2008 @ 13:16
  Hey, y'all! I just wanted to let you know that Mikey is currently on the large cup at Wendy's, along with some other people you might recognise. The image appears to be faded on all the cups, unless I got the only two that didn't come out sharp, but they're still cool.

= D

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1997 Winston All-Star Race Interview 
18th June 2008 @ 23:45
  This is hilarious!



Michael Waltrip, Kurt Busch, and Mario Andretti Tonight On 60 Minutes 
18th March 2007 @ 18:01
  Heads up, y'all!

Pit stops

Kurt Busch, Michael Waltrip and Mario Andretti are judges who will
critique Simon Cowell's high-speed driving abilities in a segment in
tonight's "60 Minutes.''


It's on at 7:00pm ET, after the NCAA game.


Mikey TV Reminder!!! 
10th December 2006 @ 19:33
  Michael Waltrip Racing: A New Era will premierre tonight at 10pm - 12am tonight on ESPN2.

= D = D = D

I can't wait! I have a DVD ready to record it! I'm going to put the whole series on DVD!


Mikey's 43rd Birthday 
30th April 2006 @ 14:49
  Happy Birthday, Mikey!!

= D

Good luck this afternoon in Dega!!

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Pictures of Mikey from Vegas 
16th March 2006 @ 1:51
  Hey, y'all! Just wanted to let you know that I've posted my 103 Mikey pictures from this past race weekend. You can find them here:



Mikey Has A New Show, And It Starts Tomorrow!!! 
25th February 2006 @ 4:35
mood: excited
How the hell did I miss this? Why haven't I heard anybody mention this before now? I watched Speed channel most of the frickin' day - why were there no ads?

Saturday, Feb. 25 – DEBUT Tradin’ Paint pits NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip against a member of the media in a lively discussion of hot topics. Audience questions accepted as the show is done from the SPEED Stage Truck (9 p.m. ET).



Mikey Power Fantasy Racing 
15th January 2006 @ 4:08
  Hey, y'all! Who's up for some fantasy racing?

Please join the mikeypower.com yahoo fantasy racing league!

Group number: 3609
Group Password: the55car

PM me if you have any trouble signing up.



Driver Survivor 
8th January 2006 @ 19:48
  Hey all,
I'm a member at michaelwaltrip.com and we're playing Driver Survivor at racingjunky.com. Mikey's getting a lot of votes lately and we needs fans to block vote together to save him. We pick a new person to try to eliminate each day and today (Jan 8-9) it's Rusty Wallace. Tomorrow is possibly Schrader. Vote for Rusty here. Save Mikey.
Do not vote for Mikey or he can be eliminated.

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Mikey's New Look!!! 
1st December 2005 @ 2:03
mood: happy
Everybody has GOT to check out this picture!!!


WOW!!!! That is AWESOME!!! That's my new wallpaper on my computer!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

Look at how many sponsors went with him! I would like to thank Napa Domino's Best Western Klaussner's Coca Cola Remington... and hello CAT! Wow, it looks like he has more sponsors than he had before! Although I did notice that Nabisco didn't come with him. They're the only ones though, right?

And it looks like Klaussner's is promoting their Sofa Express affiliate. When I saw it on the deck lid of the new paint scheme, I was wondering if Bill Davis Racing had a conflicting sponsor or what was the deal. But no, that's Klaussner's too. They didn't used to be on the deck lid. That's cool to see them there! They've been with Mikey for several years now, and whenever I buy furniture, I'm sure going to look to buy Klaussner's loot!

EDIT: And this picture too!!


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Mikeypower.com Potato 
12th November 2005 @ 15:22
  I figured it might be good luck for Mikey tomorrow if we pass this mikeypower.com potato, Super Spud:


Just click on the link, put in your zip code, and pass on the link either in email or on your LJ or wherever you feel like it. Let's see how far this potato can get before tomorrow's race!

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23rd October 2005 @ 12:50
mood: aggravated
GRRRRRRR!!! What the hell does Mikey have to do to get a damn break!?!?! He couldn't buy a break right now to save his life. This sucks! It's one thing if a driver causes his own problems, but it's so upsetting when they get involved in something they had nothing to do with. I'm not saying Kasey purposely caused that, but DAMN!

Also...I hope Tony Stewart gets out at the end of the race and beats Jimmie AND Chad with a Coke bottle. Enough said.


It's a good thing I'm on Prozac and don't have a way to get to all of the drivers that are fucking up Mikey's day. They'd have one very UNHAPPY Mikey fangirl on their hands!!! Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Mikey on the cover of USA Weekend tomorrow 
22nd October 2005 @ 19:59
  Mikey and Greg Biffle are on the cover of tomorrow's USA Weekend.


This is a pull-out for a number of news papers. You can find out which ones here, if you're wanting to get this magazine tomorrow:


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My ANGRY face 
15th October 2005 @ 23:09
mood: disappointed
If you could see me right now, you would see my angry face. I hate that Johnson won, and I hate that Busch came in second. Mikey was doing so well damn it! He didn't want to pit but they told him he had to. I just wish they had listened to the man! He had a car to win the race!!!

Wow, when Jimmie got out of his car at the winner's circle...did I hear BOOOOs?! ;0)

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14th October 2005 @ 21:54
  Man, what's going on with Mikey's Busch team? Two straight weeks not making it in. That makes me so sad!! Hopefully tomorrow night will be a good one for the #15 team. I know he's out of the chase, but I still want to see him do well the rest of the year.

I just hope that if there are as many wrecks during the race tomorrow as there have been tonight...Mikey is NOT in them.

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Mikey finally speaks! 
23rd September 2005 @ 18:49
mood: bored
Watching "Trackside" right now and Mikey is on. It's official.....

Waltrip and NAPA Head to Bill Davis Racing